Top 10 Fun Activities to Indulge in Nainital

Known for being the home of the misty mountains and clear lakes, Nainital has all the elements to make your getaway a peaceful one. Nestled amidst the serene and scenic beauty of the Kumaon hills this place is primarily known for its almond shaped natural lake of Naini along with a number of other lakes. This place was established as a pleasant getaway by the British as a getaway option from the scorching summer heat of the plains. There are several tourist attractions and activities which can be a part of your travel packages to Nainital and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Here are a few things to do in Nainital which will make your trip to Nainital a successful one:

Explore the Fascinating Eco Cave Garden

Situated in the Mallital region of Nainital this unique tourist attraction is managed by the KMVN. The aim of developing these natural eco caves is to give its visitors a small glimpse into the life and times in the Himalayan wildlife through caves of various different sizes. Visitors will be taken through caves of various different animals like tiger, bats, flying fox, panther etc. this is especially an interesting attraction for kids since these caves are not only adventurous but it also provides information about the animals. There is also an attractive musical fountain here and starts functioning during the peak seasons.

Eco Cave Garden Nainital

View Exotic Birds at Kilbury Bird Sanctuary

situated at a distance of just 12 kms from the city of Nainital this place is the ultimate destination for bird lovers, this is the reason as to why it is also known for being a ‘bird watcher’s paradise’. This bird sanctuary is set amidst the forest reserves of Nainital and also goes by the name of Pangot. A small creek is located here which serves as a watering hole for various animals who have made this sanctuary their home like leopards, civets, deer etc. Apart from these animals it is home to a number of unique and exotic 580 different species of birds.

Kilbury Bird Sanctuary Nainital

Spirituality at Naina Devi Temple

Sitting majestically on the edges of the glimmering Naini Lake this temple is known for being one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations for devout Hindus. As the name suggests this temple is dedicated to the eyes of Sati and is one of the most significant Shaktipeeths of India. Rebuilt again during 1883 by the locals after it was devastated during the landslide of 1880, this temple consists of idols of Lord Ganesh and Lord Hanuman along with a symbol of the goddess’s eyes depicting Naina Devi. This place remains thronged with pilgrims and travellers especially during the holy festival of Nanda Ashtami which takes place for 8 whole days.

Naina Devi Temple Nainital

Stroll Through Mall Road

Mall road of Nainital has to be one of the most popular tourist attractions of Nainital. The entire stretch of road lines by the side of the lake of Naini and makes its way through the the city of Nainital. This stretch is dotted with a number of shops selling traditional items and souvenirs and restaurants serving delectable food items. Tourists flock this place not only to take in its incredible views but is also a wholesome shopper’s paradise. One can find everything of use this mall road from hotels and banks to travel agencies and other shops.

Mall Road Nainital

Take a Thrilling Ride on the Ropeway of Nainital

View the city from the bird’s view point by taking a breathtaking ride on the fun ropeway. This ropeway will connect you from the city of Nainital and take you across the magnificent city and will drop you at snow view point which is another fun tourist spot. This ropeway will let you have a fun experience from a height of 2,250 metres above sea level. The entire ride is extremely peaceful, serene and stunning. One side of the journey will take almost 2 and half minutes to cover and the safety of the passengers is guaranteed.

Ropeway Nainital

Witness the Glorious Sunset at Hanuman Garhi

As the name suggests this place is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and it also has a temple devoted to the lord close to the scenic point. This temple was built with the help of a local saint who built it in the year 1950 and it quickly gained popularity due to its tranquil location and the mesmerizing views of the stunning surroundings that it has to offer. The best part about this point is that it can be easily reached without the need to cover any strenuous walking treks and it also represents the combination of natural beauty and deep spirituality of the lord.

Hanuman Garhi Nainital

Go for a Shopping Spree at Tibetan / Bhotia Market

Popular for its locally made artefacts and handicrafts items, Tibetan market is filled with interesting traditional and cultural souvenirs which you can easily buy here. This bustling market attracts huge things of visitors on a daily basis looking to have a unique experience there. The entire shopping area is dotted with various colorful shops displaying all the vibrancy of the local traditions. From Tibetan bags and ethnic dresses to elegant scarves and stylish junk jewellery are only a few of the interesting items which can be found here. This market is named so not only because the shops here sell Tibetan items but also because all the shopkeepers here are of Tibetan descent.

Tibetan/Bhotia Market Nainital

Camp Under the Open Sky

Nainital is not only famous for its glistening lakes and hilly terrain but it is also replete with vast expanses of lush green meadows and ridges making it an ideal destination for outdoor adventure seekers. These vast grounds are utilized as camping grounds which can be used for pitching a tent all year long. If you are looking for a hint of adventure on your trip to Nainital then you can easily opt for going on a camping expedition to any of the nearby open fields and sleep under the cover of a million shining stars.

camp under the open sky, nainital

Boating in Naini Lake

When it comes to Nainital the first place of visit you think about is the popular Naini Lake which is really easy to visit and is extremely popular among tourists. This lake is surrounded by towering green hills people can indulge in memorable boat rides across this lake and have some peaceful and quiet moment to them. These boating rides are available for duration of either 30 minutes or 1 hour where you can have a fun time with your family and loved ones.

Boating in Naini Lake, Nainital

Trek up to Cheena Peak

Also famous with the name of Naina peak, this place is known for being the highest point in Nainital. The entire hill is covered and filled with thick and lush green rhododendrons, deodars and cypresses. Once you make your way up the peak you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the city below. The best part is that the hiking route up to the top of this peak is not at all testing or difficult in any way. This particular activity is extremely underrated and should definitely be done during your stay in Nainital.

Cheena Peak Nainital

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