A Sunday Brunch – Aloo Paratha

After spending 5 years in Delhi, I am fully convinced that Paratha’s is not only one of the most popular breakfast, but lunch and dinner too in across India, every house has their own recipes and combinations to make Paratha.

Paratha’s can be with any type ‘stuffed’ with different kinds of filling or ‘plain’. These Paratha’s are layered with oil/ghee and to make them you do not need to spend a lot time in the kitchen.

Aloo Paratha
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Out of all the combinations, Aloo Paratha or Aloo stuffed Paratha is most popular amongst all. It is also known as a king of all Parathas. So, as like others I also love the Aloo Paratha hot topped with butter and which I can have any time in a day with Pickle, Curd, Raita or Chutney.


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