Mouthwatering Strawberry sundae Ice cream

If you an ice cream lover like me, then you probably plan to eat some over the holiday season and during summer people begin their fun with having a cup of ice cream. I am sure many of you will agree that there is no greater pleasure on a warm summer’s day than eating a cool, delicious ice cream. No matter where you are at home, office or shopping your ice cream cravings will never stop.

But my obsession is with natural’s Ice cream, which I often have it, but strawberry sunday is my one of the favourites, due to seasonal this is only available during winters. What I really love about this ice cream is having a fresh strawberry along with the malai ice cream.

Strawberry Ice Cream
Step 1
Ice Cream
Step 2

I even tried making this at home, and for that I bought a box of a malai ice cream from the natural’s exclusive store, then at home I chopped few strawberries post this put half out of the chopped strawberries in the glass along with 2 scoops of malai ice cream and the on the top put rest of the strawberries. Now your strawberry sundae is ready to have.

Ice Cream
Step 3
Ice Cream
Step 4

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