Winter Special Sarson Ka Saag

Winter on its peak and in Gurgaon its comparatively harsh than other states in India, everywhere this season comes with the flood of green vegetable includes Palak, Bathua, Sarson, Methi and making them every time is so exciting. So, today i am introducing a very famous winter Punjabi special “Sarson Ka Saag”. During mustard growing season, green fields of North India and Punjab are covered with “Sarson Plant” with the yellow mustard flower, and green leaves on it used to make delicious saag. It is served by many dhabas and restaurants. This is typically Punjabi originated dish taste really delicious …

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Light and fluffy Nankhatai Recipe

The festive season is all around the corner! In India people celebrate festivals with sweets and when sweet is made at home, what else one can ask for.

Today, I am sharing a recipe of authentic, delicious Eggless cookie, called “Nankhatai”, that can be very easily prepared at home.

I still remember when I growing up, was very fond of having nankhatai any time during a day. So, what my mom use to do, she makes them in a bulk and store in an airtight container. So, that I can enjoy it for a couple of days. Feeling nostalgic!


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Exotic Eggless Cake Recipe


Eggless Cake
Eggless Vanilla Cake By Palak Jain

Yes, you read it right. Cake can be made without eggs! And people call it vegetarian cake too.

While making a cake, eggs are usually known to make the batter smooth and light with stable air bubbles. It gives a structure and consistency to the cake, but it’s a myth, cake can be made without eggs even at home – Tested and tried recipe.

Being a vegetarian since birth having cake outside was a taboo for me and was a biggest concern when I use to go to my friend’s birthday, parties, anniversary and farewell the one thing was always common ie a cake which having eggs and the sad part is I can’t have it. (more…)

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A Summer Cooler – Watermelon Juice

Watermelon juice
Watermelon Juice By Palak Jain

As summers are here and the temperature is started raising so your body needs something cooler and watermelon juice is perfect to beat the heat – 100% natural all full of vitamin C which keeps your body cooler and also gives benefits to your skin. It’s also automatically very sweet, so sans of sugar will help you to keep healthy and people who are having sweet tooth will help them having natural sweetness instead artificial. (more…)

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Going for a planned dinner? Here the list of Gurgaon Top 5 restaurants which should be in your must visit list.


Farzi Cafe

Farzi cafe is the restaurant where I wanted to be at the most, this place is the best example of taste, concept, innovation, and food. They are taking the whole food experience to the next level while having common items with very unusual taste (Indian food with modern style) which keeps their customer happy. You can experience the place with family and friends not only on dinner but at lunch too.This restaurant is owned by know chef Jiggs Kalra and his son Zorawar Kalra.


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A Sunday Brunch – Aloo Paratha

After spending 5 years in Delhi, I am fully convinced that Paratha’s is not only one of the most popular breakfast, but lunch and dinner too in across India, every house has their own recipes and combinations to make Paratha.

Paratha’s can be with any type ‘stuffed’ with different kinds of filling or ‘plain’. These Paratha’s are layered with oil/ghee and to make them you do not need to spend a lot time in the kitchen.

Aloo Paratha
Travel Fun ‘n’ Food

Out of all the combinations, Aloo Paratha or Aloo stuffed Paratha is most popular amongst all. It is also known as a king of all Parathas. So, as like others I also love the Aloo Paratha hot topped with butter and which I can have any time in a day with Pickle, Curd, Raita or Chutney.


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My Winter Mango Shake

It’s just a winter evening when you are not planning for making any traditional meal after a hectic day at your office, but yet hungry then mango shake can be an option to include in your appetite. It gives nourishment and enerzise your body and makes your day perfect.

Being a king of fruits, mango also gives you health benefits which includes antioxidant components, and enriched with vitamin A and C. It also helps to clear your skin and improve your digestion.


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